A 14th Century Mansfield Ancient Stone Looks Like President Trump

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, it turns out there’s a Trump gargoyle in existence.Ancient stone carving with striking resamlance to Trump found inside a UK churck in Southwell Minster at Nottinghamshire Cathedral. Tourists have been flocking to the Southwell Minster church in Nottinghamshire ever since the 700-year-old sculpture was spotted last year by British journalist Samira Ahmed who instantly recognized the similarity, reported by the Nottingham Post .


The 14th century sculpture is one of 280 carvings at the cathedral.
The Reverend Canon Nigel Coates, who is based at the Minster, said:

“We knew the head well, but none of us had spotted the Donald Trump hairstyle before. It’s really the hairstyle that is similar.

“He’s among the ‘lower level’ of heads, not among the kings and queens and merchants. So Donald Trump might be flattered that he features in 14th century Mansfield stone – but not that he’s not among the kings and queens.”

The grotesque was spotted – and tweeted – before Mr Trump became President last year.