Famous Liberal Actress Worth $45 MILLION Cries About Having to Pay For Healthcare

Liberals are having a pity party. They’re outraged over the fact that Obamacare was just repealed, and the long-standing piece of job-killing, anti-American legislation is no more. Finally, we’re getting back to the American way of doing things.

People with epilepsy, cancer, depression, diabetes, sexual assault survivors, disabled veterans and mothers and fathers with sick children are among those who’ve taken to social media using the hashtag #IAmAPreexistingCondition to voice their concerns about the Republican health care bill. Liberal actress Alyssa Milano is one of many Hollywood celebrities in a tizzy over House passage of the American Healthcare Act. Alyssa tweeted, “My name is Alyssa Milano. I have anxiety disorder, 2 pregnancies, 2 c-sections and cystic acne. #IAmAPreexistingCondition.” Her estimated net worth is $45 million dollars which she earns through producing, acting, and singing.

Milano was an early supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid. She’s spent much of her time on social media slamming Trump’s policies.

“Trump has proven that he really can’t take the heat in the White House kitchen. But, he won’t get out of it, either. His ego won’t let him. Removing him will be up to us,” the Who’s the Boss actress wrote in an essay published in Marie Claire. The 44-year-old actress later describes Trump as “an egomaniac with no political experience, questionable business ethics, and a crude moral compass” who “has been charged with running our big, beautiful, diverse, country.”

Milano’s essay came on International Women’s Day, which saw anti-Trump #DayWithoutAWoman protests around the world and in the U.S., organized by leftist Women’s March activists. Maybe Milano should just shut up instead, pay for her insurance, and give some of her considerable fortune to people on the streets who are ACTUALLY struggling to pay for their medicine. There are people on the streets, even veterans (which is sickening in and of itself), who can’t get their hands on the medications they need. But please, by all means, let’s make sure the Hollywood elite don’t have to pull their weight.