Bizarre Muslim Ritual : Women to Sleep with Strangers to Remarry Her Divorced Husband

The little-known Muslim ritual Nikah Halala accepted by a small minority of Muslims who subscribe to the concept of triple talaq ,means a woman can sleep with a stranger to save her marriage. Nikah Halala is a practice as per the Sharia law that prohibits a divorced couple from remarrying unless the former wife has married a different man, consummates the marriage, and then divorces him.

During the investigation, an undercover BBC reporter interacted with a man advertising halala services on Facebook. The man told the reporter, who was posing as a divorced Muslim woman, that he would marry her and have sex with her to “complete” the halala marriage, all in exchange of 2,500 pounds. After she pays him, he would divorce her. When confronted later, the man denied the allegations claiming that it was all a part of a social experiment.

Muslim woman Farah, who admits she was willing to have sex with a stranger to save her marriage. The pair had built a life together and had children, and even though her husband had become abusive she was devastated when he told her it was over. Farah and her husband were married in an Islamic ceremony, meaning he only had to tell her “talaq, talaq, talaq” to end their union instantly. She was so heartbroken that she was willing to marry a stranger, have sex with him and divorce him just so she could go back to her husband – the “love of her life”.

However, Farah refused to go through with the halala marriage in the end.But she told the Victoria Derbyshire Show that she knows women who have.

She explained: “Unless you are in that situation where you are divorced and you are feeling that sort of pain that I felt, no-one is really going to understand the desperation some women feel.

“I knew of girls who had gone behind families’ backs and had it done and been used for months.

“If you ask me now, in a sane state, I would never do it. I’m not going to sleep with someone to get back with a man. But at that precise time I was desperate to get back with my ex- partner at any means or measure.”

But some Muslims believe that if the pair then decide to reconcile, they have to take part in a “halala” Islamic marriage.Though many Muslim countries prohibit this practice, it’s still prevalent in India, Pakistan, UK, and a few other nations. Many Muslims also are strongly against halala marriages and it is condemned by the Islamic Sharia Council in East London. But a BBC investigation has found that a number of online service are taking advantage of vulnerable Muslim women by charging them thousands of pounds to take part in halala marriages. Women seeking farce marriages or ‘halala services’ face the risks of being sexually exploited, blackmailed or financially exploited.