BREAKING: ANTIFA Website Deletes Article About Sabotaging Train Tracks in Olympia

An anarchist group associated with Antifa has deleted an April article bragging about pouring concrete onto railroad tracks in Olympia, WA in an attempt to stop the transportation of fracking equipment over the BNSF railway.

Law enforcement say at least six people are dead and 78 others were injured. Independent journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted an archived link to a now deleted article from “prominent,” far-left website It’s Going Down, on an ANTIFA group bragging about pouring concrete on train tracks in Olympia, WA.

Police raided an ANTIFA encampment in Olympia following a train being sabotaged by anti-fracking activists — but the anarchists claiming credit for the act have vowed to continue until “every officer is down.”

Earlier this year, a prominent #Antifa website published an article tacking credit for the sabotage of train tracks in Olympia, WA. The now-deleted post by the Puget Sound Anarchists bragging about the sabotage of BNSF railway tracks using concreate was posted to anarchist website “It’s Going Down” on April 20th, and removed sometime after August 25th – as noted by watchdog organization Far Left Watch.

The post, which can be seen here, details the group’s early morning protest on April 20th – in which they state that they took precautions to warn BNSF so as to avoid the loss of human life.

In a radio transmission immediately after the accident, the conductor can be heard saying the train was coming around a corner and was crossing a bridge that passed over Interstate 5 when it derailed. Dispatch audio also indicated that the engineer survived with bleeding from the head and both eyes swollen shut.

“I’m still figuring that out. We’ve got cars everywhere and down onto the highway,” he tells the dispatcher, who asks if everyone is OK.