Chelsea Clinton At Last Speaks Out About The Year She Spent In Joe Arpaio’s Tent Jail?

People are understandably confused by a tweet by Hillary’s kid, Chelsea, in which she reveals she spent a year inside former Sheriff Arpaio’s jails.

Chelsea really stepped in it on Saturday when she tweeted a Washington Post essay from someone who spent a year in Joe Arpaio’s infamous Maricopa County jail. Only problem was, Clinton tweeted the story headline without quotes, making it read as if she was saying that she spent a year in Arpaio’s jail.

“The year I spent in Joe Arpaio’s tent jail was hell. He should never walk free,” the tweet said with a link to the Post essay.

Obviously, Chelsea Clinton doesn’t understand how quotations work. We actually had to read it a few times before realized that was a quote…. It’s a little shocking that her expensive private education didn’t teach her the importance of quotation marks.
Chelsea Clinton: proof that going to Stanford, Columbia, and Oxford doesn’t mean anything.

She was just forwarding an article in Saturday’s Washington Post written by Francisco Chairez, but the lack of quotation marks or some sort of indicator that this was just a headline made it sound like she was having one of those “dodging sniper fire” flashbacks like her mother used to have.

The reactions are priceless ..



A Clinton wanting to misrepresent things? Perish the thought!