Conservatives Are Boycotting Netflix After It Named Susan Rice To Board Of Directors, Here’s Why

Netflix’s appointment of Obama-era UN Ambassador Susan Rice to its board has sparked a boycott among users, who are cancelling their subscriptions.

Rice served as Obama’s national security adviser for four years and was accused of downplaying the 2012 attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya, when she framed it as a spontaneous incident that occurred as a result of protests against an anti-Muslim film, rather than a premeditated attack. She previously served as the assistant secretary of state for African affairs under President Bill Clinton.

Some conservatives are promoting a campaign to boycott Netflix over the streaming service’s announcement that a former Obama and Clinton official was appointed to its board of directors. Some conservative Twitter users have subsequently started using the #BoycottNetflix hashtag, calling for people to cancel their subscriptions. Tom Fitton, the president of the conservative organization Judicial Watch, is among Rice’s harshest critics that weighed in on Thursday.

“@Netflix doubles down in support of Obama corruption — compromised Susan Rice, who lied repeatedly on both Benghazi and the unmasking issue joins its Board of Directors,” Fitton tweeted.

Another prominent anti-Rice conservative who spoke out on Thursday is Dana Loesch, the controversial national spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, who also criticized Rice for her response to the Benghazi compound attack in 2012.

“The perfect place for a former staffer who blamed a terror attack on a poorly-made short film released long before said attack took place,” Loesch tweeted.

In a statement on Thursday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings welcomed Rice to the company, praising her integrity, and her history of handling sensitive issues of global importance.

“We are delighted to welcome Ambassador Rice to the Netflix board,” Netflix co-founder and chief executive officer Reed Hastings said in a statement. “For decades, she has tackled difficult, complex global issues with intelligence, integrity and insight and we look forward to benefiting from her experience and wisdom.”

The announcement followed a March 8 New York Times report that former President Barack Obama was in “advanced negotiations with Netflix to produce a series of high-profile shows.”

So, after Rice was appointed many conservatives wanted to #BoycottNetflix.