Diplomatic Security Special Agent Found Dead – Body Pulled From River

Federal agent Kurt Smolek was found dead after going missing on Monday. The lifeless body of Diplomatic Security Special Agent Kurt Smolek was found in the Potomac River on Wednesday evening.

Smolek (45) had been declared a “critical missing person” in a tweet released by the police department of the District of Columbia. A missing persons bulletin described hims as white with graying brown hair, brown eyes, 5 feet 8 inches tall and 190 pounds. According to a Missing Persons report by the DC Metropolitan Police Department, Smolek was last seen on August 28, 2017 at approximately 10 pm, in the 600 Block of Water Street, Southwest, Washington.

The United States Diplomatic Security Service (or DSS) is the federal law enforcement and security arm of the United States Department of State. The DSS is the lead U.S. law enforcement organization abroad. Its duties include protecting U.S. diplomatic missions, U.S. diplomats, and visiting foreign dignitaries; conducting criminal, counter-terrorism, and counterintelligence investigations abroad; advising U.S. ambassadors on security matters; and managing or implementing security programs worldwide. The DSS most notably provides protection for US diplomatic missions, US diplomats, and visiting foreign dignitaries. The DSS also performs a myriad of other activities including international investigations, threat analysis, counterterrorism, security technology, cyber security, and protection of people, property, and information. DSS Special Agents are federal agents with the power to arrest, carry firearms, serve arrest warrants, and perform other law enforcement activities. There are approximately 2,400 DSS special agents. Special Agents are sometimes referred to as “DS Agents,” or “DSS Agents.” Both terms are used interchangeably within the agency and other organizations. DSS is technically the correct term.

Thursday, Spero News reported the following statement, attributed to Christian Schurman, deputy assistant secretary of state and assistant director for International Programs:

“It is with great sadness that I share with you the news of the death of Diplomatic Security Special Agent Kurt Smolek. Kurt was found deceased today and the DS [Diplomatic Security agency] is working closely with local authorities to investigate the circumstances of his death. Please keep the Smolek family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

A photo appeared on social media showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton standing with a man who is purportedly Kurt Smolek. News about Agent Kurt dead appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.