Should Donald Trump Ban Islam in American Schools?

Whereas American values establish all citizens as equal under the law, Islam teaches that some people are more valuable than others. Whereas American values protect minorities, Islam oppresses women, gays, non-Muslims, and many more minority groups.

Liberals have known for a long time: if you can indoctrinate our nation’s youth, you can win the long game. Now Muslims are in on the game, attacking school boards over their “freedom of speech.” Some schools are now teaching Sharia in America’s classrooms, but patriotic parents are speaking up.

NO FOREIGN LAWS TO BE CONSIDERED IN OUR AMERICAN COURTROOMS! Please stand with us by, signing the petition.

Should President Donald Trump put an end to this and BAN Islamic teaching from our nation’s schools? YES because it poses a grave danger to our nation !

Our kids are being indoctrinated into Islam. All across the country, there are reports of innocent school children being taught to pray Islamic prayers, make prayer rugs, and practice other Islamic rituals.At the same time, Christian children are being harassed for bringing Bibles to school and praying – which are their constitutional rights. We’re taking direct action, sending the school district an urgent legal letter. We must defend the religious liberty of students and stop Islamic indoctrination.

Public schools are a place for religious freedom, not indoctrination. Stop Islamic indoctrination in our schools and protect the religious liberty of students.

This petition will be delivered to President Trump and Secretary of Education.

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