Donald Trump Donates Salary to Infrastructure For Rebuilding America

President Donald Trump donated his fourth-quarter 2017 paycheck to the Department of Transportation, demonstrating his commitment to public infrastructure.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders presented the $100,000 check to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao at the daily press briefing on Tuesday. Chao said that Donald Trump’s quarterly salary would go to the department’s INFRA (Infrastructure For Rebuilding America) Grant Programs.

“Infrastructure is the backbone of our economy, and it’s key to keeping our country competitive,” she said.

Trump’s donation is only a small fraction of what he wants to spend on infrastructure in the coming years. The White House on Monday announced a proposal to spend $21 billion on infrastructure in fiscal year 2019, which would be a part of a larger spending plan that dedicates $200 billion to infrastructure over the next 10 years.

Since taking office, Trump has donated each of his salaries to federal agencies. His previous donations have gone to the National Park Service for battlefield infrastructure, the Department of Education to fund a summer camp and the Department of Health and Human Services to battle the opioid crisis.

As a candidate, Trump vowed not to take a salary, which is $400,000 annually. By law, he must be paid, so he is donating the money.

At the same time, Democrats said they’d found Trump had proposed cutting more than that amount – at least US$240 billion – from existing infrastructure programmes.