Ex “High-Level” CIA Agent: Deep State ‘Terrified’ Of Trump, ‘Want Him Taken Out’ (VIDEO)

While the mainstream media is still screeching over Democrats’ claims of President Trump calling some African countries “sh*tholes, (although Republicans that attended the meeting deny those claims) what they are not delving deeply into is the massive storm raining down on deep state, the MSM, and the liberal tech and social media giants that have aligned themselves with the media and deepstate, with their attempts to silence and censor conservatives while attempting to take President Trump down.

According to one former CIA Counter Terrorism, Counterintelligence and Staff Investigator, Kevin Shipp, who can be seen in the videotowards the bottom of this article, the Deep State is “terrified,” while members of the shadow government and the deep state are “running scared.

Kevin Shipp is not only a former Central Intelligence Agency agent for more than two decades, but is also a author of several books. Shipp recently told USA Watchdog that the Deep State is not only “terrified” of President Donald Trump but they also want him “taken out.”

Kevin Shipp is a former top agent at the CIA and is glad to see the president fighting back against his former agency. He says that the intelligence agencies act as a shadow government, who do as they please when they please it. President’s Trumps attack on human rights abuse and corruption was aimed directly at the deep state. Shipp also wanted to make it clear that the intelligence agencies that make up what he calls the “shadow government” are not pleased with President Trump either. Many suspect that President Trump is soon going to expose the heinous crimes that many have been reporting on for years and that is why there is so much resistance from the elitists in charge. They do not want their skeletons out of their closets. However, Shipp is optimistic that Trump is the man to do this.

Zerohedge published a partial transcript of Shipp’s comments made to USAWatchdog.com’s Greg Hunter:

“They are terrified, they are terrified right now. They did not expect Trump to do what he is doing now. The reason they tried to get him even before he was elected is they

knew he was uncontrollable, and they knew if he got in there, they would not be able to manipulate him, and that is exactly what’s happening. There are some people, and there is no doubt about it, that are running scared right now…

Donald Trump is questioning the Deep State and the shadow government. He’s rocking that place left and right. The news media is terrified of that. Their editors are telling them to attack him just like they are attacking him from the inside. It’s just dirty pool because they want him taken out.”

Watch the Interview below as Shipp explains how and why the deep state is so opposed to Trump.