Famous Muslim Preacher: “Being An ISIS Martyr Is Better Than Success At School Or College”

The infamous British Muslim Imam and frequent guest on Fox News’ Hannity show Anjem Choudary is finally about to receive his comeuppance for “inviting support” of the barbaric Islamic terrorist group, ISIS.

Kamran Sabir Hussain, was recorded by an undercover police officer delivering 17 sermons in a mosque aimed at recruiting members for IS, the Old Bailey was told. Preacher is charged with eight
terror-related offences in connection with his work at a mosque in Tunstall. On September 2 last year, he allegedly told nine children and 35 adults that martyrdom was the ‘supreme success’, greater
than any other such as school or college the dailymail reports.

The charges relate to the period between June 24 to September 16 last year.According to two of the charges, Hussain addressed a meeting at the mosque to ‘encourage support for a proscribed organisation,  namely Islamic State’.

Those who died ‘fighting for Allah’ had nothing to fear because they would be forgiven, he is claimed to have said. They would be martyrs in paradise hated by no one except ‘unbelievers’ and hypocrites. In front of a congregation of ten to 15 children under the age of 15 and about 25 adults on August 19 last year, Hussain allegedly said the Government funded groups such as the English Defence League and Britain First to insult Muslims, attack them and put them down.

‘The kuffar [unbelievers] will attack you and kill you,’ he added. ‘Stand up and be ready to sacrifice, be ready to stand in the face of the elements of shaytan [satan], be ready to spill blood and have
your blood spilt.’ He allegedly said that neither the “Queen or prime minister” could stand in the way of the law of Allah. In a recording retrieved from Hussain’s phone, he also allegedly predicted the “black flag” would “rise over Big Ben and Downing Street”.

He was arrested after an undercover law enforcement officer secretly recorded sermons from June last year. An undercover officer known as ‘Qassim’ began attending the mosque in Stoke-on-Trent in June last year and recorded sermons given by Hussain over a period of ‘some weeks’. An imam who encouraged his congregation including children to join Islamic State told them martyrdom was better than school or college, a court heard yesterday. He refused to answer questions but gave police a written statement saying the ability to discuss ‘difficult concepts in a challenging world’ was an essential part of  religion and freedom of speech and he did not believe he had encouraged anyone to be a terrorist.
Choudary, has a long history with groups involved in radical Islamist demonstrations.He began studying sharia law under Syrian-born Bakri Muhammad, a Salafi Islamist militant leader who formed al-
Muhajiroun with the aim of promoting sharia in the 1990s, the court heard. Bakri Muhammad fled to Lebanon in 2005, where he was joined by Choudary for about 10 weeks. Choudary is almost a cartoon-like figure in the aspect that he preaches and follows the most extreme parts of the Islamic faith. He believes that Sharia Law should be implemented all over the world, and that people should bow to the message of the murdering pedophile Muhammad.

Here’s a list of things this doofus actually believes:

  • The entire world should follow Sharia Law
  • People should be proud to be called terrorists
  • Islam and Democracy cannot coexist
  • Calls the Islamic State a utopia
  • He thinks that he is engaged in a verbal Jihad
  • Only believes what Muslims say
  • Islam does not mean peace, but rather means submission to Allah

He made another clear reference to Islamic State terrorists on the 5th of August last year, when he is claimed to have told his congregation that the “mujahideen” [holy warriors] will “take over a
land”. Adding: “They stand a black flag, and establish the law of Allah over the necks of the people, whether they like it or don’t like it” and “nobody – not the Queen, not the Prime Minister – can say that
you are not allowed to establish the law of Allah.”

Hussain, from Tunstall, denies eight charges, two of supporting ISIS and six of encouraging terrorism on dates between June and September last year. He allegedly blamed the British government for
creating the English Defence League and funding them to “insult” Muslims and put them down.