Far Left Women Offers $20,000 For Assassination Hit on POTUS Trump

The left’s hate for President Trump is no secret to anyone in America.

For months liberals have lamented, protested, and schemed to have Trump removed from office by any means necessary. These threats have come from celebrities, politicians, and violent groups.

Just over this weekend,A Twitter user by name Andrea Hudson offered $20,000 for anyone who was willing to murder President Trump. Hudson was subsequently suspended from Twitter.

Laura Loomer tweeted, “Please REPORT @Bossydrea26 for offering a bribe to anyone who is “willing to assassinate “ @realDonaldTrump. Please also report her to @SecretService. It is UNACCEPTABLE to threaten the life of @POTUS!”

The woman was subsequently suspended from Twitter (surprisingly) so we have the screenshot of her tweet below.

“Dumbass. I got $20,000 for anyone willing to assassinate your ass” the woman tweeted to President Trump on Saturday.

While the First Amendment allows freedom of speech, death threats against political figures – particularly the next president of the United States are taken very seriously by security agencies. The Secret Service has a history of investigating threats made by people on Twitter. In March this 2017, Eli Martinez, 20, had tweeted what he called a joke, saying ‘I think I have to kill Trump. None of y’all gon do it, I have to take measures in my own hands.’

He thought little about it until a few days later, when Secret Service agents showed up at his Chicago home and ‘questioned the hell’ out of him. He said they wanted to know about about his personal, medical and employment history, if he was a U.S. citizen and if he’d ever purchased weapons.

Another Twitter user, who goes by the name Kevin Supernaw on the social network site, posted a picture of agents outside his home last year after he tweeted ‘Ima shoot Donald the next time I see him.’ He claimed that his room was raided and he was interrogated by two FBI agents and three Secret Service agents over his threat.

Government agencies also have the power to request an Emergency Disclosure Report on the user which can list IP addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and direct messages that authorities obtained from Twitter and other social networks.