Female Prisoners in North Korean Raped and Executed, Their Babies Fed to Dogs

In the communist nation of North Korea women in political prison camps are frequently raped before being eventually executed, defectors have recently claimed.

The women are victims of sexual assault in prison camps at the hands of security guards who reportedly often trade sexual favors for less work while in camps, according to the report. Women who become pregnant after being raped by guards are removed from the camp and “secretly killed by guards,” according to UPI.

One defector, 29-year-old Park Ju-Yong, said that after childbirth, the mothers are executed and their newborn babies are provided as food to guard dogs. Park, who was born in “Concentration Camp 21,” said he was transferred to Pukchang concentration camp, where he grew up and stayed for over two decades.Park said the guards are then simply removed from their positions in the prison camps as punishment for their actions.The executions, according to Park, were gruesome in nature and involved “thousands of stones.”

“People would throw their rocks hard. Each time the rock would hit the victim, their bodies would burst with blood,” Park said. “Their flesh would fall off until you could see their bones, and they would die without execution by gun.”

A former North Korea prison guard who also defected reportedly said women who engaged in sex acts with the guards would get “easier jobs” as a result. The defector observed that North Korean society became “chaotic” following the death of founder and former leader Kim Il Sung.

The testimony came after a report released in August by the U.S. State Department which revealed that prisoners in North Korean prison camps are beaten to death and starved to the point they resemble “walking skeletons,” “dwarfs,” and “cripples.”