Five Oroville Dam Workers Fired After Posting Spillway Photos to Social Media

San Joaquin river approaches flood stage as water level decreases at Lake Oroville dam after evacuations of 188,000 people last weekend. The California department of water resources, however, said Sunday that the water level continued to fall even as they decreased the amount of water flowing down the spillway. The amount of water flowing down the spillway has been reduced to 55,000 cubic feet a second. Earlier this week, outflows were at nearly 100,000 cubic feet a second. During recent  storms, authorities up and down the state have dealt with overflowing creeks, mudslide threats in foothill areas blackened by fires, road collapses and hundreds of toppled trees in

In meantime Five Oroville Dam workers were fired for posting spillway photographs to social media. A spokesperson for the California Department of Water Resources told KRON that a number of employees working under the Folsom contracting company Syblon Reid violated the terms of their contract by posting the pictures.

A Syblon Reid contractor had forbidden a spillway team from capturing any activities at the dam and sharing the footage via social media. The contracting company has enforced this “no social media/no photos” policy at all of their construction sites.

Officials say the “no social media/no photos” policy has nothing to do with any specific topic, but that social media could become a dangerous distraction near heavy equipment. The subject of the photographs were not the issue, but the act of taking photographs violated their safety policy. The former employees were not identified.