Former Oklahoma City Mayor “It’s OK to for men to ‘sleep with little boys’ if it’s OK to be gay”

A former Oklahoma City mayor has drawn the ire of the LGBTQ community after controversial comments made on a political talk show. He not only stated that homosexuality is “wrong” but that its acceptance is a tacit endorsement of pedophilia.

Kirk Humphreys made the comments during a local public affairs TV show that aired over the weekend in Oklahoma, during a discussion of sexual misconduct scandals in Congress.

Humphreys and others were discussing allegations against Minnesota Senator Al Franken, who is stepping down, and President Donald Trump when Humphreys began to ramble about other subjects. He said he was ‘going to make a lot of people mad today.’

“Is homosexuality right or wrong?” Humphreys asked during a local TV public affairs show Monday. “It’s not relative, there’s a right and wrong. If it’s OK, then it’s OK for everybody and, quite frankly, it’s OK for men to sleep with little boys.”

LGBTQ advocacy groups Freedom Oklahoma called for Humphreys’ removal from the Board of Regents if he didn’t apologize. Executive Director Troy Stevenson said Humphreys’ comments were disheartening and dangerous for LGBTQ youth who are already harassed and bullied.

Multiple LGBTQ organizations condemned Humphreys and called for him to resign from the Board of Regents, calling his comments “disheartening and dangerous for LGBTQ youth.”

Humphreys, 67, was mayor of Oklahoma City from 1998 to 2003.