Gallup Poll: Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating hits 25-year low

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating is at a new low one year after her election loss to President Trump, according to a new poll.

Hillary didn’t get the message after the election.She wrote a book called “What Happened” and then went on tour, because she just can’t accept her new reality. She won’t go away.

Hillary Clinton’s image has declined since June and is now the worst Gallup has measured for her to date. Her favorable rating has fallen five percentage points since June to a new low of 36%, while her unfavorable rating has hit a new high of 61%.That marks a five-point drop since June, when a poll of national adults showed that 41% rated her favorably.

Clinton’s prior low favorable rating was 38% in late August/early September 2016 during the presidential campaign. She also registered a 38% favorable rating (with a 40% unfavorable rating) in April 1992, when she was much less well-known.

The current results are based on a Dec. 4-11 Gallup poll. Clinton’s favorable rating has varied significantly in the 25 years Gallup has measured opinions about her.

The former secretary of state and first lady’s approval rating has been underwater since around the time she announced her second bid for the White House in 2015.

She was most popular in 1999, with a favorability rating of 67 percent, when she became a figure of public sympathy after then-President Clinton beat back a Republican impeachment effort and the aftermath of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.