‘Get The Hell Out’ Anti-Trump Halloween Display Riles Neighborhood

When it comes to throwing a successful Halloween party, we believe the more terrifying, outlandish and bizarre it is, the better. In a word: go big or go home.But with Halloween just around the corner, turning your humble home into the dungeons of hell needn’t give you nightmares – at least not because of the cost.

A Halloween display featuring a Donald Trump ‘Burn in Hell’ gravestone and a fake corpse has one New York neighborhood outraged in the run-up to the holiday.Near the sign is what resembles a body wrapped in trash bags, surrounded by yellow crime tape. Tacky Halloween decorations can be found in neighborhoods throughout America , but not all of them cause as much conflict as Fabian Vergara’s Donald Trump tombstone has.The controversial gravestone that targets Trump is part of a fake crime scene that includes a corpse wrapped in a body bag and yellow caution tape.

Vagara, a native of Ecuador who holds US citizenship,has a tombstone set up in his yard that reads “D. Trump Burn in Hell.”

‘I’m doing it for fun. It was a joke, ‘ Vergara told the nightly news caster. ‘I like Halloween, so I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s a free country.’ But not all of Vergara’s neighbors agree, with one saying the decorations are inappropriate and tasteless. An initial report from News 12 Westchester said Vergara was initially apologetic, but the conversation escalated into a political argument. Below is a video that shows some of their argument, which shows Gucciardo-Perry telling Vergara he can leave the country if he doesn’t like how things are in America :

Theresa Gucciardo-Perry, who lives around the corner on Edgewood Road, said she was so disgusted by the setup, though, that she called Cortlandt officials to see if the town could force Vergara to remove it. Gucciardo-Perry said she had welcomed Vergara to the neighborhood when he moved in less than a year ago, but after this stunt she no longer speaks so warmly of her neighbor.

“Is this about Halloween or about you making a political statement?” Gucciardo-Perry said. “You don’t like it here? Get the hell out.”

Theresa Gucciardo-Perry lives down the block. She’s offended not just as a Trump supporter, but more importantly, as a mother, neighbor and widow of a police officer killed in the line of duty.