Heroic Homeless Man Who Rushed to Defense of Female Cop , Gets Honored By Police

Cray Turmon who lives in a shelter in Columbia, South Carolina , when he saw Officer Ashley Hardesty struggling to arrest a suspect at a gas station, he had to intervene.

The suspect had assaulted the clerk inside and used his knife to make threats to Hardesty and the employee he’d hit.

In response, the female officer tased and pepper-sprayed him, but it didn’t have the desired effect. Turmon was walking toward the gas station when he saw the scene unfold. Instead of just continuing to walk, he came to the rescue.

Turmon told WLTX what happened next: “I just went a total blank. I saw an opportunity to help this lady, and I didn’t think about what could happen to me. I wouldn’t normally do something like that, but my instinct said just go.”

So he tackled the suspect and sent him to the ground.

Police arrested and charged 39-year-old Donald Songster Brown with attempted murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping after he allegedly punched a woman inside a gas station and threatened to harm her and others with a knife.

Columbia Police praised Cray Turmon for springing into action and helping the police officer before things might have gotten out of control.The department posted to Facebook:

Gratitude in the Season of Giving

The holiday season doesn’t always mean receiving a tangible gift outfitted with festive wrapping paper or Santa’s surprises.

Often times, when you least expect it, a invaluable gift comes when you need it the most.

Bravo Mr. Cray Turmon for your random act of kindness your gift to us when CPD officer Ashley Hardesty needed it the most.

The story of what unfolded at a popular gas station and how the two met can be found here:

Today, Chief Holbrook presented Mr. Turmon with a few tokens of appreciation at Transitions, where the man resides.

Officer Hardesty was able to shake Mr. Turmon’s hand for helping her without a second thought.

Judging by the smiles on their faces, the gifts exchanged were far more important than what can be found under a Christmas tree.

Here’s to wishing each of you, peace, joy, and comfort during the holiday season and well into the New Year!

He could have ignored the escalating incident, but he didn’t. The world needs more Cray Turmons.