‘Hitler in a Hijab’ Linda Sarsour Attacks The “Jewish Media”

A private research university in New York City held a panel discussion on anti-Semitism Tuesday.

Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour took the stage at The New School’s Alvin Johnson Auditorium as part of a panel on anti-Semitism, one of the organizers went up to deliver a number of key instructions to audience members in case protesters would try to shut down the event.

While Sarsour has a long record of hostility towards Israel and Zionism, she also noted her own ‘criticism’ of the US, called President Trump “the existential threat”, and blamed “the Jewish media” for tarnishing her reputation.Sarsour indeed appeared as part of a panel last night on “The Uses and Abuses of Anti- Semitism.” That’s where she said this:

Regardless of their feelings toward Israel, said Sarsour, Jews and non-Jews alike “must commit to dismantling anti-Semitism. The existential threat resides in the White House, and if what you’re reading all day long in the Jewish media is that Linda Sarsour and Minister [Louis] Farrakhan are the existential threats to the Jewish community, something really bad is going to happen and we are going to miss the mark on it.”

Sarsour, a prominent advocate for Muslim Americans, criminal justice reform and civil rights, is the former executive director of the Arab American Association of New York and co-chaired last January’s National Women’s March.

“I am deeply honored and humbled to be here on this stage with people who have been some of the staunchest allies of the communities that I come from,” Sarsour said during the panel. “We cannot dismantle anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, every phobia and -ism without also dismantling anti- Semitism.” “Intersectionality is not about black and white people organizing together or Jews and Muslims organizing together.

It is all of us organizing at the intersections of oppression and seeing oppression [as] connected. Anti-Semitism is one branch on a larger tree of racism,” she added. “You can’t just address one branch, you need to address all branches together so we can get to the root of the problem.”