Hollywood Actress Patricia Arquette Suspects Trump May “Set Up” London Terror Attack

After the London terrorist attack that left four people dead, including an American who was celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife who was severely injured, liberal Hollywood loon Patricia Arquette known for winning the best supporting actress Oscar two years ago, said the next such attack is on President Donald Trump.

Arquette warned her 164 thousand Twitter followers to keep firmly in mind that until the alleged Trump-Russia connection is resolved, “any terrorist attack or any other crap” that may occur will likely have been set up by the White House.

This isn’t the first conspiracy theory the actress believes about the president. She also tweeted about the unsubstantiated, but much reported, “dossier” about the President’s alleged sordid affairs while in Russia as if it were absolute truth, as well.

Sorry Patricia, but was reported yesterday, the London terrorist was Khalid Masood, and no he was not controlled by Donald Trump.

More conspiracy nonsense from the insane, loony left. How long before CNN reports this as “fact?”

The Oscar-winning actress also spoke out against Trump, calling him “not very smart” and “incredibly dangerous.”

“I do really think he’s incredibly dangerous and not very smart,” Arquette said. “Listen, my family fought in the Revolution and the Civil War. I believe in the freedom of democracy and religious tolerance. Every message that he sends out is really an anti-America message.”