James Woods Destroys “Parasite” Rep. Wilson

The negative reactions against Frederica Wilson’s statement that President Trump is insensitive towards the Gold Star families are not stopping.

Rep. Frederica Wilson is the congresswoman who listened in on a call between President Donald Trump and the family of a slain Army soldier and lambasted the commander-in-chief for saying that the fallen hero “knew what he was getting into.” Wilson has been basking in national attention following her blistering attack on President Donald Trump over a condolence call to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who was killed in Niger on October 4.

Conservative actor James Woods wasn’t even willing to be that nice with Rep. Wilson. In a tweetstorm, the Hollywood icon lambasted her as a “parasite.” James Woods went to town on his Twitter account slamming the liberal lunatic Rep. Wilson and it was glorious. Woods began by linking to a Fox News story where White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called Wilson’s remarks “appalling and disgusting.”

Woods tweeted: “Whenever clowns like Wilson start yapping all over the media landscape, the #Democrats are hiding something #WhatNow.” He referred to Wilson as “The clown in the red cowboy hat.”
Furthermore, James Woods continued with explaining that Wilson doesn’t own a unique record when it comes to veterans affairs. The actor also wrote that the Democratic Party is sending in the clowns so people couldn’t focus on the Uranium One scandal.

He used the nickname “parasite” for Wilson that described her properly. He referred to the phrase “appalling and disgusting” that Sarah Huckabee Sanders used for Wilson.

This is why the clown in the red cowboy hat and the rest of the #Democrats have been acting so nuts lately.

Wilson made a huge mistake to politicize this heartbreaking tragedy. Once again, the Democrats failed to make President Donald Trump look bad.