Jeff Sessions orders investigation into accusations against Obama admin

Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a review of the claims in an explosive Politico report that said former President Obama dropped prosecutions of the terrorist group Hezbollah in order to strengthen the chance that his nuclear deal with Iran would be successful.

US attorney general vows to pursue terror groups, drug traffickers in wake of report asserting previous admin derailed probe in order to clinch Iran nuke deal. The move follows a report from Politico that the Obama administration worked to hinder the DEA initiative in order to prevent it from undermining the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

In a statement Friday to Fox News, the Justice Department said the review of Project Cassandra was necessary “to evaluate allegations that certain matters were not properly prosecuted and to ensure all matters are appropriately handled.”

“While I am hopeful that there were no barriers constructed by the last administration to allowing DEA agents to fully bring all appropriate cases under Project Cassandra, this is a significant issue for the protection of Americans,” the report quoted Sessions as saying. “We will review these matters and give full support to investigations of violent drug trafficking organizations.”

However, when investigators sought approval for prosecution from the US Department of Justice and US Department of Treasury, those two agencies were unresponsive, the report said.

“This was a policy decision, it was a systematic decision,” said David Asher, an analyst for the US Department of Defense specializing in illicit finance who helped set up and run Project Cassandra. “They serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported and resourced, and it was done from the top down.”

Unnamed DOJ officials also told Fox News the review could lead to prosecution of people with ties to Hezbollah.

Since the release of the Politico report, a number of Republicans have called for a review of its allegations, while a number of former Obama administration officials have dismissed the expose as “propaganda” backed by critics of the Iran nuclear deal.

Here’s a video from Politico about their bombshell story: