John Kerry Approved Visas for Russian Operatives To Interfere the US Election Process

Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped an absolute nothing-burger today in announcing charges against Russian operatives who sullied the US election process.

The Mueller Special Counsel has yet to look at the “hacked” DNC servers or have not attempted to contact Julian Assange from Wikileaks. The indictment today contained the same Russian Facebook ads that were released in November 2017 by the House Intelligence Committee.Mueller and Democrats want you to believe these Russian Facebook ads flipped the election to Donald Trump.But at least half of the ads are pro-Hillary.And Russia claims half of their paid ads ran after the election and 25% never ran at all.Facebook announced previously the Russian ads comprised .004% of their advertising during the election.

The Kerry State Department approved the visas for the Russian operatives to travel the US in 2014 through 2016 and attempt to interfere with the US election process.

Via Nick Short:

Donald Trump’s national security adviser, HR McMaster, said on Saturday that Russian meddling in the 2016 election is “incontrovertible” and “beyond dispute” in the wake of new US indictments.

McMaster spoke after Robert Mueller, the special counsel in the Russia investigation, revealed new details about Moscow’s sophisticated cyber-meddling campaign on Friday.

The national security adviser made the remarks at the Munich Security Conference and spoke shortly after the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, had dismissed the allegations as “just blabber”.

The 37-page indictment, returned on Friday by a grand jury in Washington, accused 13 Russians and three organizations of an elaborate, years-long plot designed, in part, to sway the US presidential election.John Kerry Approved Visas for Russian Operatives to Enter US in 2014 and ‘Interfere’ with Election