Judge Jeanine on Russian Uranium Scandal: “Obama And The Clintons Sold Us Out”

Americans learned last week that the FBI and Justice Department were investigating a racketeering operation into Russian-backed mining companies which included extortion, money laundering, bribery, and kickback schemes.

Soon after that, the Obama administration made a deal via then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton to sell 20 percent of America’s uranium to them.

Russia also arranged during that same time frame for millions of dollars in “donations” to be paid directly to the Clinton Foundation. Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed the Obama administration’s sale of uranium to Russia at a time when the FBI was monitoring racketeering in the deal.

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro used her “Opening Statement” to discuss Russian interests in acquiring Uranium One.

“Obama and the Clintons sold us out,” stated Pirro on her Fox News show, “our uranium — and with it the security of our nation.”

“Context is everything,” Pirro said. “The backdrop of the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium to the Russians was Putin’s ongoing racketeering enterprise that the Obama inner circle knew about and the FBI and Department of Justice were actually monitoring and investigating and yet subsequently allowed the transfer to Russia.”

“The sale of our uranium and the cash that went to the Clintons and their foundation was accompanied by a racketeering operation that was allowed to literally disappear before our eyes,” Judge Jeanine concluded.

Do you agree with Judge Jeanine? Is this the REAL “Russia Story” that the media should be focusing on?