KATHY GRIFFIN Says She Didn’t Know About Islamic Beheadings Until Rosie O’Donnell Told Her

Far leftist “comedienne” Kathy Griffin is still crying about her beheading joke that backfired and got her canned.

She has come up with a new excuse for the sick photo that she posted of President Donald Trump, bloody and beheaded. She feels the need to plug a crazy story about Muslims that is causing Trump supporters to call her out as a big fat liar, but that’s not all.

Kathy Griffin told HardTalk she had not heard about Islamic beheadings until sage comedienne Rosie O’Donnell told her. The hapless comedian suddenly has a new excuse afforded her by Rosie O’Donnell who has battled with Donald Trump at times. Rosie apparently had to tell her about the Islamic beheadings. Here is what Griffin said.

Kathy Griffin: So, yes I knew what I was doing and the reason I apologized is my good friend Rosie O’Donnell, the preeminent expert, by the way, of being trolled by this fool, the accidental president as I call it, um you know he’s been trolling her for 10 years. And so she said the words, “What if Daniel Pearl’s mother saw this?”… And when she said this I said, oh my gosh, and I’ve never apologized for a joke but I get it.

Kathy Griffin is still stuck on her horrendous photo that she posted of a beheaded President Trump that totally backfired on her so badly that she still has not recovered.

Hoping to make Americans not hate her, Griffin got out her latest lame excuse, and you’re not going to believe it.