Kathy Griffin: ‘I wish I could tour in the US without getting shot’

Kathy Griffin continued to blame President Donald Trump for her current career status and said she can’t tour the United States “without getting shot.”

“They were thrilled to have someone come over and make fun of Trump,” said Griffin, who recently finished up a 15-country world tour, during an interview with Politico published Wednesday.

“I wish I could tour in the U.S. without getting shot — I know I can’t. I was in the middle of a 50-city tour when the tweet happened. It was canceled in 24 hours.”

“The photo [of Griffin holding Trump’s severed head] was on TMZ, then Drudge tweeted it, and then Don Jr. [Trump] retweeted Drudge,” the 57-year-old comedian shared in an interview published Wednesday in Politico. Earlier this year, the comedian participated in a photo shoot in which she holds a bloody severed head of Trump.

Griffin accused Trump of attacking her on Twitter over the photo to distract from former FBI Director James Comey’s firing.

“It was very soon after the Comey firing,” Griffin said. “He absolutely used me as a tool to distract from his bad news of the day.”

Griffin said she had to stay off social media during the controversy because she was receiving death threats, but she has since been welcomed by fans abroad.

The Emmy Award-winning comedian apologized for the photo, but she was quickly fired from hosting CNN’s New Year’s Even show and dropped as a celebrity endorser for Squatty Potty.  The Secret Service launched an investigation. Today, she says she still can’t book a gig anywhere in the United States.

Griffin blames the change in her status to the president personally driving the outrage machine.“I think it would have been gone in a week without his tweet,” she admitted. “Trump knows what would be perceived as something hysterical and he loves hysteria. There are millions of people who think I’m a member of ISIS to this day.”

So she blames Trump’s tweet — and not her tasteless photo — for her career troubles. Maybe the photo shoot was just a bad idea?