“Let’s Blow Up Mount Rushmore” Says Alt-Left Media Vice

Corporate-owned Vice Magazine posted an article urging “Let’s Blow Up Mount Rushmore” which called for Americans’ politics, culture, and history to be purified by political fire.

An article published by author Wilbert T. Cooper initially carried a headline which read, “Let’s Blow Up Mount Rushmore,” which was later changed to “Let’s Get Rid of Mount Rushmore.” On the same day a barbaric terror attack takes place in Barcelona, resulting in 13 deaths and 100 people injured, the popular liberal news org known for its edgy investigative approach and stylistic “cooler than thou” appeal to millennials tweeted out an article which advocates for blowing up Mount Rushmore.

Cooper noted President Trump’s comments in which he decried the destroying of monuments to American historical figures, asserting that the slippery slope created by such efforts would lead to the removal of statues to giants like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Cooper wrote of the founders of America:

Which made me wonder: If Rushmore ever did get “blown up,” what should those dudes be replaced with? Fact is, I’m not sure there is any American president worthy of being etched into the side of a 60-foot mountain with explosives and jackhammers. I mean, every single one has at least been partially complicit in horrific atrocities. Upon acknowledging the insensitivity of the article’s title given the tragic events which occurred earlier today in Spain, VICE Magazine deleted the original article and wrote an editor’s note: “The headline and URL of this story have been updated. We do not condone violence in any shape or form, and the use of “blow up” in the original headline as a rhetorical device was misguided and insensitive. We apologize for the error.”

The article was also sent out on the publication’s Twitter feed, before it was quickly deleted.

In the article, Cooper wishfully ponders, “If Rushmore ever did get ‘blown up,’ what should those dudes be replaced with?” after citing a Daily Caller piece in which the author facetiously argued that leftists should be outraged over the South Dakotan landmark. Cooper says he’d be “onboard” with a “serious push to blow up Rushmore and other monuments like it,” and says it’s “important  business for this country” to “demystify the historical figures of the past.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Vice Media is currently valued at $5.7 billion.