Liberal Actress Alyssa Milano calls #Harvey National Prayer Day as ‘NATIONAL A**HOLE DAY’

Alyssa Milano is an American actress, activist, producer and former singer. She is best known for her roles in Who’s the Boss?

In 2015, Milano endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. In 2016 after the Democratic Party presidential primaries, she expressed her support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on her Twitter account. She was also active in the campaign of Jon Ossoff and was involved in get-out-the-vote efforts for Rob Quist.

“Liberal Hollywood.” It’s a prevalent stereotype — but is it really as accurate as the public believes? According to Alyssa Milano, there’s no question.

“Hollywood is left-leaning for sure, for better or for worse,” Milano said during a recent conversation with AOL. “There’s a certain tunnel vision to these ideologies. I think artists … are always going to be left-leaning because it’s just more inclusive , more tolerant.”

Milano is one of those aging Hollywood celebs who use politics to remain ‘relevant’ because as far as career, they don’t have any. The “Insatiable” star is an outspoken critic of President Trump, taking to Twitter nearly every day to challenge his widely controversial decisions and behavior. To stay quiet just isn’t an option — “I can’t not speak up,” she said — but she’s well aware that other Hollywood figures keep mum about their politics.

How poisoned are the minds of liberals these days over President Donald Trump? A National Day of Prayer for victims of Hurricane Harvey declared by the president was blasphemed by actress and liberal activist Alyssa Milano as “National Asshole Day” because: Trump. Milano retweeted with comment a tweet by President Trump Saturday night reminding Americans that Sunday was a National Day of Prayer.

Also the actress called out the first lady for wearing two diamond rings in her official first lady portrait on April 4. The Charmed alum, 44, took to Twitter to voice her opinion on the photo “You look beautiful, but you could feed many of the impoverished in our country with your rings,” she tweeted. Milano was referencing the two rings on Trump’s fingers in the portrait, one of which is her massive 15-carat engagement ring.