Liberal HOA FORCES Pennsylvania Family to Remove Jesus From Christmas Display

A family has been asked to take down a sign with the name “Jesus” from their Christmas display, after a neighbour reportedly claimed it was offensive.

Mark and Lynn Wivell of Adams County, a Gettysburg subdivision, was told to take down their display that they put up last week by their homeowner’s association.

Shortly after putting up the display, the pair received an email from the association asking them to remove it, because an unnamed neighbour had complained it was offensive.

The email said the homemade decoration made of a piece of plywood, painted white, with a red tinsel garland and the name “Jesus” painted in red does not constitute a display.

The “size, structure, and illumination of the physical sign are the accentuating factors generating the complaint,” a second email read.

‘As part of our Christmas decoration, we would display the name Jesus to point out to everyone that we in this family believe that the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus,’ said Mark told FOX43.

The Wivells have insisted they have no intention of removing the sign until the new year. Ms Wivell said they had “gotten tremendous support from our neighbors here at the Links and that just makes us feel so good.”

Mr Wivell added: “People get offended by different things, but just because something offends you, doesn’t mean the whole world has to change to accommodate you, so I would say please be more tolerant.”

Homeowners’ association that is either too politically incorrect to stand up to bigotry against Christians or is run directly by people who are bigoted against Christians. There’s no other explanation for this report.