Liberal Sally Kohn: “Impeach Trump and Pence Make Hillary President”

Sally Kohn, best known for being a cable news liberal pundit, In a tweet on Wednesday morning, suggested that the impeachment of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence is inevitable, and this will lead directly to Hillary Clinton becoming president.

The first step is to impeach President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence. Step two would entail a constitutional crisis. Step three would be a call for a special election. Step four would be an election between Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Clinton. Kohn assumes Clinton would win and thus making her president.

It didn’t take long for people to tell her that’s a really, really dumb idea. It’s pure liberal fantasy material. It’s not going to happen, period. The saddest part of all of it is that she admits the end goal to all the wailing, is to make Hillary Clinton the President. It’s not about saving the country, it’s not about the Russians. It’s barely even about Donald Trump.

It’s about their broken hearts over Hillary Clinton’s loss. Sally Kohn should look up the word “straightforward” because she clearly doesn’t understand what it means. That tweet is evidence or profound ignorance of the US Constitution.There would not be a Constitutional crisis. If the Senate removes Trump and Pence, then Ryan is President. If Ryan is removed, then you have Trump’s secretary of state. If the SecState is removed, then you have Gen. Mathis (SecDef)as president.

Kohn will need to think of a new plan if she wants Clinton to be president.