London Attack Video: Jihadist Stab Man Before Police Leap From Car and Gun Them Down

WARNING: containing video of violence, some viewers may find distressing!

The grainy video, first published by The Mirror, shows the three Pakistani-born men, identified as Youssef Zaghba, Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane, walking on Stoney Street in Borough Market. The harrowing attack, just one of a few to have taken place in the UK in a matter of weeks, occurred on Saturday night when a van crashed into pedestrians on London Bridge, before another incident in which the terrorists went from bar to bar stabbing people around Borough Market.

Brave cops swiftly put an end to the terror, as they arrived on the scene within eight minutes and shot down the attackers.

The dramatic video – which has emerged this evening on social media – begins showing a pedestrian walking though Borough Market on Saturday night during the terror attack. He is then set upon by the three cowardly attackers, who begin stabbing him.

However moments after they begin their attack on the man, armed cops arrive at the scene. When the evil knife-men realize that officers have arrived, they charge towards the cops.

But they are shot to the ground within six seconds of officers getting the first one in their sights. After neutralising one of the suspects, an officer can be seen approaching one on the floor and kicks him to ensure he is no longer a threat. Cops appear to closely examine the bodies of the terrorists, who were wearing plastic items to make it look like they were wearing explosives.

The armed cops were on the scene and had killed the suspects within just eight minutes of being informed that an attack was underway in central London. The footage is the first ever to reveal the final moments of the hate trio who wreaked carnage on London last Saturday.

THIS is the moment the three vile London Bridge attackers were shot dead by heroic armed police officers, bringing their horrific rampage to an end.

Gunshots outside restaurant at London Bridge

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the mass killing more than 24 hours after the atrocity through their affiliated news agency Amaq. Eight people have died and 48 others were injured.