LOW IQ Waters Lets TRUTH Slip – MUELLER Working for DEMS To “GET TRUMP”

Joy Reid interviews Maxine Waters after Trump’s PA rally.Low IQ Maxine Waters let the truth about Robert Mueller slip out as she was lashing out at Trump for comments he made about her intellect.

Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat and potential chair of the House Financial Services Committee, joined MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid Sunday morning to respond to comments about her from the president. At a Saturday evening rally in Western Pennsylvania, the president said Waters was a “low IQ individual” and mocked her calls for impeachment. “You ever see her?” Trump said. “She’s a low-IQ individual, you can’t help it.”

“This is typical of him,” Waters told Reid the morning after. “He is expert at name-calling.”

At the 3:30 mark of the video, Waters said, “He can call us all the names that he want [sic] to call us but, you know, our special counsel, Mueller, is connecting the dots and last night in a speech I said that for if some reason Mueller does not get him, Stormy will.” But it’s not a witch hunt, right Dems? Right Sessions? Right Rosenstein? There’s no crime but yet Mueller is admitted to be the Democrat agent to get President Trump.

Of course the media won’t pick up on that moment of truthfulness from the attack hag, but patriots certainly should and we should use it as ammunition in calling for this nonsense to finally come to an end. We’re sick of it, and we’re sick of Waters and Reid as well. Sometimes being low IQ, like elections, has consequences.