New Trump Executive Order Targets Clintons and Obama !

After months of conflicting messages, last week the Trump administration took a big step toward drastically expanding punishments for human rights abusers and kleptocrats all over the world.

The move also reveals how government professionals and political officials inside the administration are finding ways to work together one year into the Trump presidency.President Donald Trump has signed an executive order allowing federal agents to seize the assets of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The executive order named Jammeh Yahya, a former Gambian dictator. Yahya was warmly embraced by the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. Obama eagerly embraced human rights violator Yahya at the United States Africa Leaders Summit in 2014 and 2015. Yahya also made substantial donations to the Clinton Foundation in order to grease up Hillary. According to a United Nations report from 2015, Yahya commanded a savage gang, The Junglers, who routinely engaged in “arbitrary arrest, detention, torture, enforced disappearances, and extrajudicial killings.” Yahya said “People die in custody or in interrogations, it’s really common.”Dan Gertler was also named in the executive order, and also just happens to be a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

Gertler is a business partner in the Glencore company, a commodity trading firm. The founder of Glencore was featured on the Federal Bureau of Investigations'(FBI) most wanted list until his wife “donated” $450,000 to the Clinton Library Foundation, after which Bill Clinton pardoned him. Gertler and Glencore associates have continued to contribute millions to the Clinton foundation ever since.

Benjamen Bol Mel, another person named in the executive order, was an advisor to the president of South Sudan. The goals set forth in Hillary Clinton’s State Department’s report on human trafficking sought to end “unlawful recruit or use of children” in armed forces. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s state department played a central role in allowing South Sudan to receive military support, knowing South Sudan actively recruited and used children in military operations. Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s support, South Sudan was able to declare independence while she was Secretary of State providing them with U.S. support.

Gulnara Karimova is another person targeted in Trump’s executive order. The daughter of former Uzbekistan president has provided a great deal of financial support for the Clinton Foundation. Karimova had a close relationship to Hillary Clinton while Hillary was serving as Secretary of State. Karimova has been under investigation since 2016 for an international bribery scheme. The United States froze two Swiss accounts thought to be controlled by Karimova worth over $220 MILLION in late 2016, three years after Hillary Clinton resigned as Secretary of State.

The list of an serious human rights abusers and corrupt actors you can find HERE

You can read the full executive order HERE: