WATCH: Videos Show NFL Players Yelling ‘F**k You’ at Fans

The NFL madness continues. The players go one level up in their disgusting behavior. Nfl players are not role models anymore , and they becoming very unpopular.

Following the Redskins’ 29-20 loss in Kansas City on Monday, show Redskins player Terrell Pryor and Chiefs player Marcus Peters going off on fans who were yelling at them from the stands.

In the first video, Chiefs defensive back Marcus Peters responds to fans who were likely offering less than kind criticism after he gave up a 44-yard touchdown early in the game. Peters is seen yelling out, “F**k you, b**ch,” and then slamming his helmet to the ground in anger.

The second video shows Redskins wide receiver Terrell Pryor, who erupted on hecklers as he walked toward the tunnel that leads to the team locker room. Pryor is seen yelling out the “f-word” at fans while flipping them the finger and raising his helmet as if he intended to throw it. A Redskins staffer is then seen trying to calm the player and usher him quickly into the tunnel:

According to, in Week 4 a total of 52 players who knelt to protest racial injustice during the national anthem this week after roughly 180 players knelt in Week  3. The Week 3 protests came just days after Donald Trump ripped the NFL during a rally in Alabama. The 52 players who decided to kneel in Week 4 came from just seven teams, with 30 of the players coming from the 49ers, nine players coming from the Seahawks, six players coming from the Bills, three players coming from the Dolphins, two players coming from the Lions and one player each coming from the Raiders and Giants. The controversy started last season when former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose to kneel during the anthem to protest what he described as injustices faced by people of color, particularly at the hands of police officers.

Watch the videos bellow :

This kind of behavior shouldn’t be acceptable in the NFL, but it appears that both players will escape without any major punishment.

The fans, obviously, were out of line also, but the answer to poor behavior is not to respond in kind — and especially not in front of television cameras.