Orban: Migrants Aren’t Muslim Refugees, They’re ‘Muslim Invaders’

Responding to the suggestion that Hungary was not showing sufficient “solidarity” with the European Union because Germany accepted 2 million migrants but Hungary will not accept 2,000, Prime Minister Orbán told German tabloid BILD on Sunday: “The difference is: They wanted the migrants. And we do not.”

Asked why Hungarians are resistant to the bloc’s forced migrant redistribution policy, Mr. Orbán asserted that, “We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees,” but as “Muslim invaders”. Drawing attention to the fact that migrants had travelled through safe countries before heading to more prosperous parts of Europe, the prime minister added that many are “economic migrants” and not in genuine need of asylum.

“That was not a wave of refugees, that was an invasion,” Orbán told BILD, criticising Germany, “which we consider the best example of discipline and the rule of law”, for descending into “chaos and anarchy” in late September 2015 under the chancellorship of Angela Merkel by permitting mass “illegal border crossings”.

Orbán also raised Germany’s new “sociological problem” of migrant crime and terror, which his Central European nation wants to avoid. Orban added that a large influx of Muslims “inevitably leads to parallel societies”. He claimed Christian and Muslim communities “will never unite”.

“Multiculturalism is only an illusion,” he said.

“We believe that a high number of Muslims necessarily leads to parallel societies, because Christian and Muslim societies will never unite,” the Hungarian prime minister told the newspaper, adding that, “Multiculturalism is just an illusion. We do not want that. And we will not have anything forced on us.”

Lastly, Orban lashed out at George Soros, the radical leftist billionaire who uses his wealth to undermine conservative governments in the West. “Mister Soros wages an unlimited campaign against the Hungarian government. … Mr Soros, who has earned his money with Casino-Capitalism, considers himself to be stateless head of state. With his vast wealth, he supports 60 organizations that promote illegal migration.” Which is why the Hungarian government is, Orban says, fighting back against Soros, whom he considers to be his nemesis.

Hungary and Poland are the only two countries who have not taken any refugee under the resettlement quota, according to the latest figures from the European Commission.

Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic only took between 12 and 16 refugees each.