People Don’t Want to Hear ‘How Stupid & Racist They Are’ – NRA urges Lady Gaga to avoid Anti-Trump Talk

The Super Bowl is tomorrow. The Atlanta Falcons play the New England Patriots in Houston, Texas. The Patriots will try to win their fifth Super Bowl title. The Falcons are caming to win for the first time. Some people are more interested in the commercials that play during the broadcast. Many are also interested in watching the halftime show. This year, Lady Gaga is performing. People are debating whether the singer will make a political statement during her performance.

The NRA is hoping Lady Gaga will refrain from addressing politics during her Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday. Conservative political commentator Bill Whittle joined NRATV’s Stinchfield to address the possibility, calling Gaga a “gigantic progressive mouthpiece” and trashing Beyonce’s performance last year for her Black Panther-inspired costumes.

“I can remember the days when Michael Jackson or somebody would do the Super Bowl and politics didn’t enter into it because they understood that they’re performing for the entire nation and not for the staff at MSNBC,” he said.

I think if Lady Gaga comes out there and makes this an anti-Trump tirade, I think that’s really the final step of the declaration of war between our pop culture people and the actual citizens,” Whittle continued. “This is not the Kennedy Awards, this isn’t the Oscars, this is the Super Bowl where real Americans get together and have a real fun day and the last thing they want to hear is how stupid and racist they are.”