Poll Shows: Anti-immigrant Party Takes First Place in Sweden Following The Terror Attack

The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are the most popular political party in the Sweden , according to a new polls. The Sweden Democrats now have the support of 25.2 per cent of voters,  putting them ahead of both the ruling Social Democrats with 23.4 per cent and the centre-right Moderates with 21 per cent, according to the August poll for Metro newspaper.Its support is at nearly double the level during 2014 general election.

“It’s a tremendous breakthrough for us,” Tommy Nilsson, party manager for southern Sweden, told the Telegraph. “There’s too much immigration and too many beggars from eastern Europe.  People are starting to realise that this is a serious problem for Sweden.”
“If we become the second largest (second most popular) party, or even the biggest party, it will of course be harder for the other parties to leave us out in the cold,” party secretary Richard Jomshof, told Swedish Television.

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party hit a record and became the largest party in the country following the terror attack.The rise of the Sweden Democrats mirrors a trend seen across Scandinavia, with the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party and populist Finns party both becoming their countries’ second largest parties in elections this year.
Sweden, which has a population of under 10 million, has taken a record 160,000 refugees in 2015 from Syria, Somalia and Yemen. It became the focus of attention after US President Donald Trump suggested the country was “having problems like they never thought possible” because “they took in large numbers” of immigrants.