President Donald Trump: All NFL Kneelers Should See THIS POWERFUL PHOTO

The NFL’s season was dominated by drama.President Trump actually wants to show a little something to the players who are considering kneeling.

President Donald Trump wants NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to see a tweeted photo of a woman lying next to her husband’s grave in a military cemetery. It wasn’t clear how the powerful photo made it into the president’s Twitter feed, but he quickly endorsed it.

“So beautiful….Show this picture to the NFL players who still kneel!” he tweeted.

The kneeling protests were first propelled by former quarterback Colin Kaepernick who wanted to protest violence against black citizens by police officers.

But as he’s been unable to land a job in the NFL since last year, for whatever reason, other players have joined in the protests in his wake. The protests exploded on the national scene in Week 3, when Trump, at an Alabama rally, decried both Kaepernick and the NFL. That following Sunday, more than 200 players from almost every team joined in the protests in defiance of the president.

While the Left argues for the rights of the NFL kneelers–a group of spoiled rich punks–and tries to force America to see their nonsense of social justice, President Trump sets a different narrative. Trump showcased brilliance, as he pitted pretentious millionaires against the soul of the nation. Because anybody with common sense can see how wrong those players are for using the national anthem to fight their fake narrative battle.

Repeatedly this season Trump has made public calls for all NFL players to stand during the National Anthem as a sign of respect for the American flag and the U.S. military which protects the country.

Trump has suggested the NFL change its rules to bar kneeling and has encouraged team owners to fire kneeling players.