Pro-Trump Diamond and Silk get tons of support after launching Twitter war against ‘fake news’

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, popularly known together by their professional brand name Diamond and Silk are crying “fake news” after seemingly lying under oath to Congress yesterday — and they’re taking on the media, via Twitter.

The pair gained popularity during the 2016 presidential election with their outspoken support of then-candidate Donald Trump. Diamond and Silk visited Washington yesterday to participate in the House Judiciary Committee hearing titled “Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms,” and they created quite the storm, yelling at members of Congress.

The two social media personalities were witnesses at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on “Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms” after previous testimony by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg about potential censorship of conservative viewpoints.

“We brought it to the light [as to] how Facebook has been censoring conservatives like ourselves for six months and 29 days,” Diamond told Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.).

Johnson asked if Diamond & Silk were “making money” on their posts, to which Diamond responded that Facebook “demonetized” their post some time ago.

“YouTube did [censor] also by demonetizing 95 percent of our videos for no reason at all, deeming it as hate speech,” Silk said.

“Shame on the ones that don’t even see that we have been censored, yet when the Black Lives Matter people complain about it, oh, everybody is up in arms,” Diamond said.

But when asked about their involvement in the 2016 election, specifically about receiving payments from the Trump campaign, Diamond and Silk seemingly lied under oath.

“No, we’ve never been paid by the Trump campaign,” Hardaway said.

According to the Trump campaign’s Federal Election Commission filings, however, Diamond and Silk received a payment of $1,274.94 for “Field Consulting.”

Headlines immediately surfaced claiming the Trump supporters were liars, but Diamond and Silk are standing by their original denial. Trump campaign treasurer Bradley Crate released a statement calling the issue a “misunderstanding.” “The Campaign’s payment to Diamond and Silk for field consulting was based on an invoice they submitted reflecting their costs for air travel to a Campaign event,” the statement read.

Diamond and Silk responded by launching a Twitter campaign, demanding retractions from the “fake news” organizations, specifically calling out CNN’s Don Lemon and Rickey Smiley.

The conservative bloggers have received a ton of support from their fans and other Trump supporters, yet have not received any retractions from the news organizations who reported on them.