Rep. Maxine Waters: Pence Should Be Impeached After Trump

The 78-year-old California Rep. Maxine Waters who represented California’s 29th district said that Democrats should try to impeach Vice President Mike Pence after they impeach President Trump.

Waters discussed her impeachment fantasy on Friday during an interview on ABC’s “The View.” host Joy Behar and agreed that President Trump and Vice President Pence should both be impeached. In the beginning of the interview however, the questions were uncritical because they came from the liberal hosts. Joy Behar asked if we were “getting closer” to impeaching Trump, while Sunny Hostin wondered if there was a “smoking gun” Waters saw, to impeach Trump:

“Do you think Pence will be better than Trump if he were impeached? asked Behar.

“No,” replied Waters. “And when we finish with Trump we have to go and get Putin. He’s next.”

“Putin or Pence?” Behar asked.

“Uh, Pence,” Waters said.

“We’ll get two for one, with Trump and Putin, then we got to go after Pence,” Behar declared.

Waters said earlier Friday Trump is “the most deplorable person I’ve ever met in my life.” She believes special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the Department of Justice’s Russia investigation, will find evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Even before his inauguration, she was calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump. While she has cited reasons for why she believes Trump must be impeached, it is unclear as to what exactly her reasons for going after Pence would be.