Robert Mugabe tell the world “Give Donald Trump A Chance”

President Donald Trump should be given a chance to prove that he is good leader who can create sound policies that will improve the current world order, Robert Mugabe The President of Zimbabwe says. He went on to express his support for Mr Trump’s America-first policy, saying “America for Americans” and “Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans”.  The President of Zimbabwe said he had no issue with Mr Trump’s American nationalism and had the same view about his own country. The 93- year-old also said the US President should be given a chance to prove he was a good leader and his policies should be given time.

He did however say that he had not expected the business tycoon to beat Hilary Clinton in the presidential election.

“I was surprised by his election, but I did not like Madam Clinton to win either,” Mr Mugabe told ZBCTv, the Herald reported.

Mr Mugabe also added that he was ready to work with Mr Trump and that he hoped the 45th president would restore good relations between the US and Zimbabwe. Since 2001 Zimbabwe has been under sanctions which cut the country’s lines of credit from multi-lateral lending institutions. The move is thought to have cost Zimbabwe more than $42 billion and Mr Mugabe is hoping Mr Trump will overturn the ruling.

“Mr Trump may even re-look the sanctions on Zimbabwe,” he said.

“…Indeed Obama did that [impose sanctions] just before he left. Why did he have to do it? …Why didn’t he leave it to the incoming indumbent to make his own decision? We are just now under sanctions imposed not by Donald Trump but by Obama. What arrogance is that?”

Mugabe has been in power since white minority rule ended in Zimbabwe in 1980 after years of war. President Mugabe, Africa’s oldest head of state, also repeated that he is not ready to step down from power.

“The majority of the people feel that there is no replacement, successor who to them is acceptable, as acceptable as I am,” he told state media.

His Zanu-PF party has endorsed Mr Mugabe as its candidate in elections due next year.Last week, first lady Grace Mugabe said if the party were to field his corpse, he would still win.