The Rock is too busy to run for president in 2020 – but he’s eyeing 2024

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is thinking about a presidential run, but it would have to wait until his movie career is a bit less hectic.

The actor told Variety that he would “100 percent consider” running for the highest office in the country, saying, “Realistically, as we go into 2018, when you look at my slate as we’re developing and shooting into 2019 and 2020, the slate goes deep into 2021, so it feels like the realistic consideration would be 2024.”

Johnson has attended conventions for both the Republican and Democratic parties, and he is currently registered as an independent.

“I care deeply about our country, and I care deeply about our people – especially now,” he says. “Decency matters and being a decent human being matters, and character matters, and leadership matters.”

When fans did start encouraging him to run, he immediately started thinking about if they were correct in their assessment of him being able to win.

‘I knew I had to listen to the people and really, really think about it,’ he said, before describing the level of careful thought he’s putting into the idea.

‘I’m well aware politics is not the business I’m in, so the best thing I can do is continuing to listen and learn as much as I can,’ revealing his famous modesty.

Earlier this year, Dwayne Johnson joked about a possible run for President, with Tom Hanks as his running mate on an episode of SNL.

It’s a long time from now, but don’t be shocked if Dwayne Johnson becomes a serious contender for President in several years.