Sarah Huckabee Sanders NUKES Democrat Hack Ted Lieu After He Attacks With Fake News

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders slammed Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., over an incorrect tweet he shared about her comments on the Republican tax bill, saying the congressman should “spend less time tweeting, more time doing your job.”

An erroneous tweet from The Hill sparked a feud between White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California , in which the two officials accused the other of lying and spending too much time on Twitter.

Representative Ted Lieu launched the first attack on , in a now-removed tweet linking to a story on the Republican Party’s tax reform efforts, The Hill tweeted: “Huckabee Sanders: GOP ‘begged’ Dems to work on tax reform.”

But here’s what Sanders really said: “Democrats shouldn’t need to be begged to be a part of cutting taxes for the American people,” she stated. “They should’ve been begging and banging down the door of the building behind me to be part of this process and to be part of helping more Americans be more successful.”

Lieu shared The Hill’s erroneous tweet before its removal, adding: “Dear @PressSec: You don’t serve in Congress. I do. And I can say with absolute certainty that you are lying.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders verbally smacked Democrat Ted Lieu so hard for going after her with fake news that the broken congressman had to issue a retraction on Twitter.Around two hours later, Sanders quoted Lieu’s first tweet and fired back.

“Dear @tedlieu – I don’t serve in Congress, but I can read,” Sanders said on Twitter. “If you had read the story, not an incorrect tweet, you would see that what I said was Dems should be begging to help Americans keep more of their money.”

“You should spend less time tweeting, more time doing your job,” Sanders continued.

The Hill, too, has deleted their tweet.