Sen. Rand Paul: No aid for nations burning our flag

Senator Rand Paul is applauding President Trump’s move to defund Pakistan.

Republican Sen. appeared on Fox News said:

“I would take the money that we send to a lot of countries that aren’t necessarily our friends like Pakistan, I would redirect that money into building roads and bridges here. I have a bill that I will introduce next week, that will take the about $2 billion we spend in Pakistan, let’s spend it in the United States … Let’s don’t give it to people who hate us and burn our flag and chant: ‘Death to America.’”

Paul said there were steps the government could take so there wouldn’t be an increase in national security risks for America.

“We can still have military arraignments with them, but I’d like to see somebody who actually has money to buy our stuff, rather than give it to them. We give everything to Pakistan,” he said. “There are rumors that the Pakistani intelligence actually cooperate with Haqqani network that kills our soldiers. So I think it’s a real disservice … to give money to a government that may be cooperating with people who are killing our soldiers, so no. Pakistan at best is a frenemy.”

Paul said Pakistan knowingly harbored Osama Bin Laden, persecutes innocent Christians and cannot be trusted.

“Bin Laden lived in their country for over a decade, they did nothing about it. They have Christians they’ve incarcerated. The doctor that helped us get information to get Bin Laden — we finally captured him, he’s in jail for 33 years from the Pakistani government. So no, they’re not really our friend,” Paul concluded.