Sheriff David Clarke To Join Trump Administration

David Clarke, outgoing sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin,who resigned as sheriff on Thursday is expected to take a job in the Trump administration, according to politico.

The sheriff, sent his letter of resignation on Thursday:

“After almost 40 years serving the great people of Milwaukee County, I have chosen to retire to pursue other opportunities. I will have news about my next steps in the very near future,” Clarke said in a statement. Clarke has repeatedly come under fire for his wild statements, including saying that Black Lives Matter would join forces with ISIS and promotes “anarchy.”

Hours after Clarke submitted his resignation, Politco reported that Clarke was poised to accept a role in the White House — but a position that wouldn’t require a Senate confirmation given the foreseeable criticism of his grisly track record as sheriff.

Clarke, known for his cowboy hat and no-holds-barred attitude, has been an outspoken social media user and avid supporter of President Trump.Last summer, Clarke appeared at the Republican National Convention, where he gave Trump a ringing endorsement, leading to speculation that he would run for Senate. After Trump’s inauguration, the Department of Homeland Security extended an offer for him to join the agency as an assistant secretary, which Clarke initially accepted but later turned down.

Clarke has compared the Black Lives Matter protest movement, which aims to counter anti-black racism, to the Ku Klux Klan, suggesting it would team with the Islamic State to overthrow the federal government. He labeled anti-Trump demonstrators as “anarchists,” and said African Americans sell drugs “because they’re uneducated, they’re lazy, and they’re morally bankrupt.”

He’s been very vocal in the past about gun rights, the Black Lives Matter movement and illegal immigration — regularly speaking on television about the issues.

The Washington Post reported in mid-June that an adviser to Sheriff Clarke confirmed that he would be withdrawing his name for consideration for a position at the Department of Homeland Security.