To make sure the strict rules are in force ISIS have formed a “morality police”. Known as al-Khansaa brigade, they are as bad – if not worse – than Nazi Gestapo officers.

The macabre incident has been reported by Russian outlet Sputnik who claim the girl’s mother was asked by the female wing of the secret police whether she or her daughter should suffer the cruel punishment. The tragic child A ten-year-old Iraqi girl named locally Faten was bitten to death with a medieval torture device, lined with poison, by ISIS ‘morality police’ in front of her horrified mother after she stepped over the threshold of her home while cleaning.

The mother declined this offer and let her daughter take the punishment, at which point the Al-Khansaa brigadiers whipped out a medieval torture device shaped like a set of iron fangs and went to work on little Faten. The girl ultimately bled to death from the wounds inflicted by the knife-like “teeth” of the torture implement.

This and other horror stories of life under the Islamic State in Mosul came from a woman who fled the city and spoke to Russian Sputnik New. A woman in her 20s, identified only as S, also told the outlet that a woman died from her injuries after she was lashed 30 times for lifting her veil.

S told Sputnik: ‘I never felt like I was a human being. Why all of this black clothing?
‘It’s like I’m getting into a bag and it’s closed on me so I can’t even breathe or enjoy the sun.’

She said young girls are most likely to be targeted for abuse by the morality police in the Iraqi city, which came under ISIS control in 2014.