After meeting with Florida school shooting survivors, President Trump said he wants “highly trained” teachers to carry guns in an effort to deter the next mass casualty event.

What is your initial reaction to arming teachers, coaches, administrators and other adults in schools with guns? Do you think teachers and other school staff should be armed with guns?

The answers are YES or NO, But not For Social Justice Advocates Danielle Slaughter. Danielle Slaughter is a wife, mom, teacher, crafty mompreneur, and doctoral student who encourages parents to raise social justice advocates. She shares her experience navigating motherhood while finding her place in the academy on

Danielle is Ok to Give to Black Teachers Guns , but if we give guns to white teacher , we are in trouble.


There is absolutely NOTHING safe about giving white teachers of black and brown children guns.We already know that Black and Brown children are disproportionately punished in schools. We know that young white female teachers are often afraid of Black boys as young as eight years old. We know that Black girls are punished more severely than their counterparts. NO

I will not allow my Black child to stare at a gun on their teacher’s hip during math.You will not use my child as a guinea pig for a new police state, so IF you arm white teachers, I’m pulling my Black son out of school. If this is the ONLY solution that you can come up with to aid in keeping children safe, I’m sure I can do a much better job with not only his education but his safety as well. Guns have no place in a learning environment but they for damn sure have no place in the subconscious bias hands of a white teacher with Black students.

She sounds racists both against her own people, white people and other minorities. What idiot thinks that a gun is going to be holstered to a teachers side or on top of a desk?!

A gun would most certainly be locked away. The kids wouldn’t know who had the keys to the gun or where they were anyways, and they’d recieve proper training for situations like that. Not every teacher would carry, only those qualified and who volunteer. If not enough were qualified, but enough wanted to, they’d undergo the procedures to be qualified and the training as well. You wouldn’t be tossing the gun to someone who didn’t want it and couldn’t handle it.

School systems can’t afford security guards, and police response times average four minutes, and a lot of people can die in four minutes. Only other teachers and administrators would know who carried the gun. Not students, so the likelihood of them attaining one would decrease further. People say that the teachers could snap, but how often do you hear of a teacher shooting a school up versus a student or some outside person? Not to mention that the person has to have a strict background screening to even be able to have a gun. Barricading the door and hiding in a corner isn’t a plan. Not to mention what happens if kids aren’t in class when a shooter comes?

Where do they hide then? In Columbine they hid in the library, but the shooters broke in and threw bombs and found students and still killed them. If even one person on the inside had a gun, dozens of lives could’ve been saved. Yes, teachers should have guns.