Tim Allen Is Back! The Last Man Standing TOP OF FOX’S REBOOT LIST

With that, another show that’s not just a platform for liberal talking points that pushes the Left’s stereotypes about middle America is being considered for a re-launch. That show is Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing”. Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing,” could be next in line for a reboot on Fox thanks to the massive ratings from Tuesday night’s premiere of “Roseanne.”

According TMZ , FOX is now under serious consideration for a reboot of Allen’s show — which was controversially canceled last year. There were rumors the show was canceled because of Allen’s personal conservative affiliations , he compared being a conservative in Hollywood to 1930’s Nazi Germany, as well as the conservative character he portrayed on the show.News of the potential Fox reboot follows reports that comedian Roseanne Barr’s ABC show attracted more than 18 million viewers Tuesday night.

The show was one of the few broadcast network sitcoms to appeal to conservative, blue-collar America, a true oddity since Allen has noted in interviews that the program was written by liberal writers.In January, Allen said he and his co-stars “would definitely entertain the idea of bringing the show back,” describing fans’ support as “overwhelming.”

I know fans would love nothing more than for us to take the cover off, fire up the engine, back this car out of the garage and get it back on the highway, full-throttle,” he said at the time. “My sentiment sits in the front seat beside you.”

Despite its ratings success, “Last Man Standing” was reportedly canceled last year due to Allen’s conservative politics, though ABC has maintained it had “nothing to do” with the comedian’s worldview.

Allen compared being a conservative in Hollywood to living in Nazi Germany, TheWrap reported. In March 2017, he told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, “You gotta be real careful around here, you know. You’ll get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes.”