Tom Hanks “Trump Admin is Waging a Guerrilla War on First Amendment “

The left in America have lost any grasp of reality in the age of Trump. Actor Tom Hanks is the latest Democrat to attack President Trump for calling out the Fake News media.

He continued his attacks on President Trump’s, saying the current administration is “waging a guerrilla war on the First Amendment.”

Hanks and director Stephen Spielberg drew parallels between the Trump administration and Richard Nixon’s while discussing their new film “The Post,” which follows The Washington Post’s controversial decision in 1971 to report on the Pentagon Papers study of the Vietnam War and the Nixon administration’s attempts to restrain the media.

Howie Kurtz: Do you see parallels between the Nixon panels in this film and the current climate? You’ve talked about President Trump’s insidious campaign against the media and monkeying around with the constitution?

Tom Hanks: You said insidious! I believe that the Nixon administration at the time did a full frontal assault on the First Amendment by trying to keep, literally from trying to stop the press from publishing. I don’t know. You can’t do that and still have the United States of America. I think the current administration and their like-minded allies are waging a guerrilla war on the First Amendment. Not quite as overt but by deluding the job they do in order to establish what the truth is you when you, sort of, raise the legitimacy of those people who are not interested in the truth whatsoever and are putting forth a specific sort of agenda.

This isn’t the first time the president has found himself the center of comparisons to Nixon.