Tomi Lahren Exclusively Talks To Playboy “I’m open to working at Fox News or MSNBC”

Tomi Lahren, the 24-year-old right-wing pundit from South Dakota, has settled her wrongful termination lawsuit against the site and its owner, Glenn Beck. Lahren had accused The Blaze of unjustly firing her after she suddenly back-pedaled on years of anti-feminist views by declaring that she’s pro-choice on an episode of The View. The Blaze disagreed with that version of events, saying she was never actually fired and that she was still under contract with the site until later this year, but since she was going around and telling everyone she got fired for her newly held beliefs, she was making the site look bad.

Now, thankfully, both sides have put an end to this fighting, with The Blaze agreeing to let her out of her contract. Lahren will even get to keep her Facebook page, which was set up by Beck’s site and maintains about 4.3 million followers. The rest of the details of the settlement remained confidential. The Blaze, which is based in Irving, said it was happy with the agreement.

Former Blaze TV host for Playboy magazine’s site says she’s open to working for Fox News or MSNBC “as long as I could be me” in an interview with Playboy magazine published Tuesday.

When asked if she would work at Fox News, Lahren called it “the mecca” of conservative media.

“Of course I would. I mean, that’s the mecca,” Lahren said.

“But I don’t care what the outlet is,” she continued. “I would work for MSNBC if I could be me and be authentic and genuine, and do what I do.”

Media insiders feel Fox News is the most obvious choice for the outspoken conservative to land, with Newsmax TV and a rumored new conservative network being two other possibilities.

“That’s the thing about me: I can learn and I can grow, but you’re not getting some empty vessel that you can make with it what you want. I think I’ve proven time and time again that I’m not easily tamed. I would consider going anywhere. But I just want to be able to pursue what’s next. I want the freedom to find that out.”
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